Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tomáš was reading my blog the other day and he complained to me that he is not mentioned very much. I told him I would write a special post just for him. So here it is, all about Tomáš. Tomáš is a seminanian from the Czech Republic. As you can see from the picture below from Christmas, he is about 1 foot taller than me. He is also ridiculously skinny. We probably weigh in the same neighborhood despite the foot of height difference. I recently discovered that he is my age. It turns out his birthday was just last week, although he did not bother to tell anyone about it until 2 days after the fact. This was disapointing because he robbed me of an excuse to have cake. We have the exact same sense of humor so I find him to be very funny (except for the not telling us about his birthday joke because I really love cake). In fact, because we so often think of the same joke in a given situation, we have divided jokes into evens and odds- I say even jokes and he says odd jokes. Let’s see, what else is there? He works in the Cyber Cafe all the time, but never talks about it, so I don’t really know what he does all day. He likes to eat three things: potatoes, eggs, and pork. In fact he made potatoes and eggs every time he cooked for himself for the three months prior to Lydia and my’s arrival and still insists on this meal at least once a week. He is very excited to start cooking pork, which will happen as soon as he can find the mythical man that sells what we have been told is “pretty good pork.” The only directions we have to find this mythical man is that he (and his pork) is “la-bas,” which means “there,” but since we don’t know exactly where “there” is, we do not have pork. In truth, Tomáš is not very excited to begin cooking pork, even if we are able to find this mythical man, because he never gets excited about anything. In fact, he claims he has never been excited in his life. Since I've only known the guy for 6 weeks now, I think that basically wraps up all I know about Tomáš. I hope you all (especially you,Tomáš) have enjoyed learning more about Tomáš. 


  1. Happy Birthday Tomas!!! from Aunt Suesue

  2. Karen, this is also the 'Tomas' I know, hahaha!

    Belated Happy Birthday to Tomas!

    from Celia