Friday, January 15, 2010

Culinary Delights

Okay, here it is. The number one question that has been on everyone’s mind. What do I eat? 

Rice, beans, pasta, eggplant, avocado, potatoes, bread, peanut butter, and eggs.

That’s it. I hope you have enjoyed this post.  

Okay, we also eat pineapple, magoes, and papaya. But really that’s it. The food here is, shall we say, limited. And so is our ability to cook. Our kitchen consists of a 3 burner camping stove on which we are supposed to make food for 3 (and soon to be 6) people using little more than the above ingredients.  
Our conversations for dinner go something like this:
“What should we make for dinner?”
“Hmmm...maybe (insert potatoes, eggplant or eggs)? And maybe some (insert rice, pasta, or beans)” 
“How should we cook it?”
“We could fry it. Or boil it.”
And so we do.

Cooking here is fun. And eating here is boring. Saying that I am tired of the food after 1 month of a 2 year stay would be a bad sign for the rest of my time, so I’m not going to say that I am tired of the food. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to my feelings towards food. But to suffice it to say that the only time I am moderately excited to eat and moderately satisfied after eating is on Sunday mornings when we break out the JIF peanut butter to put on our bread rather than the local natural peanut butter we have every other day for breakfast. As for lunch and dinner, every day we just eat different combinations of the above ingredients. And there are not that many different combinations of the above ingredients that one can make, especially when it all has to be cooked on the stove top with a rather nasty version of cooking oil.  

Looking over this post I realize it has a bit of a negative spin. There are really many other things available to eat, such as floppy carrots (but my feelings towards floppy carrots deserve their own post) green pepper, spinich, spinich’s bitter younger brothers (which I call non-spinich spinch), squishy tomatoes, green onions, cabbage, and...I think that about exhausts the market. On a positive note the avocados here are AMAZING and we have TWO avocado trees in our yard. Meaning that in a few weeks time, I’ll be eating guacamole everyday with every meal. Which is about as exciting as it gets here. 

Life is cruel. Between the time I wrote this and was able to post it a man came by our house and cut all the branches off the avocado trees. So now we have 2 naked avocado tress and no avocados. Sigh.  

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  1. Oh no!! Did you tell God that was so not funny. Seriously, sometimes God needs a reality check on His sense of humor. ;) Hope you can still find good avocadoes at the market!