Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Resuscitated Spider

The other day there was a spider in my shower.  I assumed it was dead because it did not move all day.  Usually spiders (or cockroaches, or hoppy bugs, or whatever else is alive in my bathroom) jump when I fill up my bucket of water to flush the toilet (our toilets don’t flush so you have to throw a bucket of water down).  All day, the spider stayed put as water wooshed into the bucket right next to it.  So imagine my surprise when I went to pick him up and throw him away that he jumped to life and nimbly ran across the shower.  Since I was about to take a shower anyway I figured I would drown him, so I opened up the tap and washed him away.  It took a bit of time with him struggling to get out, but eventually his legs crumpled up and he washed down the drain.  This time I was sure he was dead.  So imagine my surprise when I looked down 5 minutes later in the middle of my shower and see a soggy spider crawling out of the drain.  Apparently 5 minutes of water washing down the drain was NOT enough to do away with this hardy fellow.  Well, enough is enough, so I got a flip-flop and stepped on him.  Several times.  And then again.  Then I washed him down the drain again.   This time, as far as I know, he stayed down.  It is entirely within the realm of possibility that this spider exited the drain once more once I had left the room, so believe me when I tell you that I was looking around for him all night.  I was not going to be surprised if he was lurking in my bed- maybe even with a bunch of angry spider friends that I had tried to kill before in the past year and a half.  I haven’t seen him since, but you never know… 

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