Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Sunday Bike Ride

Lydia and I went for a bike ride around town on Sunday. She thought it would be a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. So we went into our storeroom and brought out the bikes. Our community has 2 bikes. One full bike, ¾ of one bike, and ¼ of another bike. One bike is great, it has all it’s parts and works very well, although the bell is broken so that’s disappointing. The second bike doesn’t have any breaks and it’s bell is also broken, which is more of a problem then with the first bike because it’s nice to alert people that you are coming when you don’t have breaks. It’s name is Top Gun. The third bike has one wheel, so really it’s not a bicycle, but a unicycle. But it’s supposed to be a bicycle so really it’s just wasted storage space. I didn't check, but I would be willing to bet that it's bell is broken too.  After about an hour of fixing up our bikes, which including removing brake pads, pumping wheels, and lowering seats (all made more complicated by the curious assortment of tools) we were on our way down the main drag of Aru. We have city bikes, but the terrain is more of what you would find on a mountain bike track, but no worries, our little bikes (or bike and ¾ as it were) did just find. We rode for a bit, but realized quickly that we had not brought water and so were ill equipped for more than a quick outing because apparently the sun is intense at 2 degrees north of the equator.

It was really great to see more of the town. Aru seems very small, but it actually goes on for quite a ways in many directions.  It is also surrounded by beautiful countryside.   Everything is green expect the red dirt so it's a little like Christmas all the time, except there aren't any reindeer.  We hope to be able to bike around some more and really explore our surroundings.  I anticipate many pleasant Sunday rides about the town.  

Since our first bike ride went so well, our next project is to get all 3 of us on a bike. Many of the locals are able to load their whole families on their bikes, kind of like a Conoglese mini van, so we are hoping to do the same with our community. Top Gun has a rat trap to sit on in back and a bar in front of the seat, so we think it’s possible. Although 3 people and no breaks might not work out so well. But we will try anyway!  

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  1. I cannot imagine being closer to the equator than we are. Hope your brought your sunscreen! Sounds like a really interesting place - keep posting, Julie and I love keeping up on your adventures!